What CURATE is all about...

Welcome! I'm pretty stoked that you've stumbled upon CURATE. I'm Danika and I'll be the main voice of our blog.

As you've probably already gathered from the rest of the website, CURATE uses the KonMari method to help people declutter and organize their space and their lives. Don’t know who Marie Kondo is? Crawl out from under your rock and go to this website  Or watch Ellen  or read the New York Times  or Times Most Influential People … Kondo’s books have sold over 6-million copies worldwide in over 40 languages. She’s also 30 years old, and despite having the overall demeanor of a delicate snowflake, she is a total boss and I have mad respect for a go-getter woman.  

So after completing the course in San Francisco and then meeting the requirements from KonMari (through multiple projects and assessments) I will be a Certified KonMari Consultant. There are currently only 4 in North America!

Where the hell did this come from? Go ahead. Ask it. If you know me at all, I know you are thinking it. How did this tornado of a human-being transform into someone who wants to teach other people how to get their stuff in order? I still can’t explain it myself. Before drinking the KonMari Kool-Aid I was so disorganized that in our wedding vows my husband actually declared, "I promise to love you unconditionally, even when you leave your sh#t all over the place." Fact.

To explain this, I do know that this whole thing started through my discovery of minimalism. (See also Do Less  and The Life Changing Magic of Not Giving a F#@k) This fascination with getting rid of things you don’t need was prompted by several back-to-back moves-- the first being across the country from Nova Scotia to British Columbia. One really starts to understand how much "stuff" you own when you have to jam it all into a moving van. After this I became dead set on the goal of minimizing my belongings, of simplifying my stuff. I started a capsule wardrobe, I donated and sold things often. But something was still missing. I still didn't feel super "good" about it all. Then I discovered Kondo's books, where the focus shifts from what you want to discard to what you really want to keep. When they work through the method, people often still end up discarding a considerable amount of things. However, instead of focusing on minimalism and having to part with things (which I've learned can quite frankly scare many people) the KonMari method insists you focus on keeping things that make you really happy. When I grasped this concept, something clicked, and I haven't looked back.

We live in a wild consumer culture, surrounded by fast-food, fast-fashion, fast-this, fast-that. Easy, cheap, quick, sales, more, more, more. One major plus for us at CURATE after embarking on this little KonMari journey is realizing how happy you can be with less. How happy you can be by being very selective with the things you purchase and the things you choose to surround yourself with. How happy you can be by slowing down and appreciating what’s going on around you.

Clutter in your home = clutter in your mind. At the extreme end of the spectrum clutter can stunt creativity, and make you feel guilty and claustrophobic. 

In our blog we'll talk about the good, the bad and the ugly- we'll address common questions or criticisms of the KonMari Method and give honest feedback on how to approach different scenarios.

CURATE loves helping people escape the weight of stuff, and in the words of Marie Kondo, we love to “Spark Joy!"