The Italians Kitchen

When you're a single-parent chasing around 2 busy teenagers, keeping your home in ship-shape can often come dead last in the priorities department. Between work, lacrosse practice, dog walking and tending to her elderly mom, my client (ML) felt overwhelmed with the idea of cleaning her kitchen. She asked CURATE for a helping hand.

Throughout this post you'll find several Before and After Pictures, all of course taken and shared with the permission of my lovely client. The After Pictures were taken at our one month check in, where we determine if everything is still going well.

My sessions always begin with the client and I having a good chat. It's hugely important to understand why the client has sought out my services, and to understand what bothers them most about their space. I ask questions that help the client visualize what the end result will be, and we decide what matters most to them. It usually only takes a couple of minutes to get on the same page, and then we start to tackle the clutter! 

The Hutch: ML's beautiful hutch that was bursting with papers and linens. After sorting and discarding she was able to store her tea-cup collection and the china from her wedding. She actually left the hutch doors open for several days afterwards just so she could see them and smile :)

What mattered the most to ML was that she wanted her family to fully enjoy their kitchen. She felt that her kitchen table and large island had spiraled into a catch-all for junk; everything from dishes, school work to lacrosse gear littered any flat surface of the kitchen. Her cupboards bursted with things that she didn't use (and didn't particularly like) and there were many frequently used things just left out on the counters for lack of space to store them.

The Cupboards: The Before picture is in the center, with the after pictures on either sides. You can see her poor teacup collection crammed in on the highest shelf, and the odd mix of mismatched dishes on the others. ML kept only what sparked joy, and the result is very pretty, simple to access the pieces and to keep them organized.

Her kitchen was gorgeous- big dark wood cupboards, granite countertops and a beautiful apron sink, that was sadly always filled with unclean dishes or organic food waste. She felt a little overwhelmed with the idea of starting the project, but once she started, it was full steam ahead! It was awesome to see how quickly she caught on to deciding if something sparked joy, and if it was worthy of keeping.

The Sink: The most important part about any kitchen is cleanliness- you want to be able to easily wipe down all surfaces, especially around the sink. ML can now do this easily since we were able to find homes for all the things that lived around her sink.

An amazing attribute of the KonMari method is the staying power. Once we had finished sorting and discarding and had moved on to storing her things, ML had decided that she wanted to place a beautiful bowl on her counter as a piece of art. Before we started her sessions there were several bowls in the kitchen, mostly filled with an assortment of fruit, nick-knacks and forgotten things ("Junk Bowls" if you will). I was honest with her, confessing that I was concerned her beautiful bowl would turn into a junk trap. She assured me, saying that she disagreed, and felt that since we had done the method properly, the bowl would not lapse into a junk bowl. 

The Island: The large island and counter-tops are now so easy to keep clean, and so inviting for her family to use.

We also unearthed a lot of paper during the sessions (either in her cupboards or her hutch) which we placed in totes for her to sort though at another time (as those familiar with the KonMari method will know that Paper is a category on its own!)

I am happy to report that when I stopped in for a quick visit with her and her family over a month after completing her kitchen, her dining table was still clear (and adorned with one of her favourite table cloths), her sink was sparkling and clean, and her bowl still sat on her counter- beautiful and empty.

Click on the images below to scroll through some more After Pictures, taken at the one month check in.

The Italians Kitchen was a huge success. As always, I'm exceedingly honoured to be welcomed into my clients home and to help them on this journey. It really is life changing, and I feel honoured to be involved.

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